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On September 21, 1977 in the streets of South Central L.A MR TRIPPALOT was born into a life of gangs, struggle & hustle. He lived a hard life in a broken home were all he experienced was the everyday threat of living in a gang infested mentality. Eventually, he became apart of the chaos and was on a quick path to destruction.

This path led him to doing 5 years in prison. He realized he wanted more than just the street life so he started to develop his other passion, music. Music gave him the ability to express himself and to explain what he sees to all those who wonder why people like him live, walk, and die. Jose L. Lopez a.k.a MR TRIPPALOT is now looking to change the music industry with his original style of puttin’ it down for the brown.MR TRIPPALOT has recorded tracks with artist like ROYAL T,KID FROST,LIL CUETE,LIL BANDIT,CONEJO, KNIGHTOWL,SPANKY LOCO BAD AZZ,BIG SYKE,FRANK NITTY & more. With his NO LIES & NO GAMES tactics and also dropped 2 classic solo albums "My Ways" & Reckless Life" and this is just the begining.


Tour// coming soon




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