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DINERO grew up in the streets of El Monte, California where he found himself learning the elements that made him become DINERO the hustla. At an early age with no father around he learned that all he had was himself to depend on. He started to hustle in order to feed his family and himself. This became a way of life for DINERO. The danger was always there but for him there was no other way. Still hustling in these Cali streets he also would dabble with his talent of writing raps in his free time. 
One day he went to a studio and something changed, the love of music became more powerful then the love of hustling. He then started to spend many hours in the studio writing & perfecting his craft, wondering if this will ever become something. 
DINERO dropped his first solo album called “MONEY POWER & HONOR” that was released through D.E.M. ENTERTAINMENT. and is now working on his 2nd releasethrough his new company Doble Filo Entertainment. DINERO also has featured on many compilations with artist like Royal T,Lil Cuete,Conejo,Down,Big Syke,Bad Azz,Spanky loco


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