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tiny loko

      aka probable kause



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Tiny Loko (also known as Probale Kause) originated from Long Beach California. He is a member of the group Double UP which consisted of Tiny Loko and Sick Hustle. He was discoverd by Dinero of Doble Filo Entertainment (D.F.E) in 2009, he then became part of the Camp. Since then Tiny Loko has released a Mixtape titled "Bad Influence" and his debut album Titled "Gangster Blues". He is Currently working on his latest project "Probable Kause" The album along with Dinero, Mexicanos 2, Radio Killa the Mixtape, and 2nd studio album which is set to drop this year 2016.


Tiny Loko(Probable Kause) has collaborated with numerous West Coast artists such as Stomper, Spanky Loco, A.L.T the saint, Tony G, Weeto, Kozme, Stylie Ray, Nino Brown, Mr.Tripalot, Dinero, and many more...


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