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Born in Los Angeles, California Francisco Alvarez A.K.A RISKY is the youngest of four in his family. He grew up watching the lifestyles of drug dealers, gangsters, thugs, pheens and everything a boy at the tender age of seven should never experience. By the age of fourteen, RISKY found himself hustling to keep some money in his pockets. Money was very tight at home being raised in a single parent household. RISKY also knew that he loved creating and writing music but everyone told him “It’s just a dream, so you better go get that money out there”. RISKY refused to listen to those people and kept creating demos with some of his homies and a few years latter he inked a deal with d.e.m music and dropped various mixtapes and was featured in many compilations .Him and childhood friend (Troublez)formed a group named (Criminal Minded) they just finished working on there debut self titled album (Criminal Minded) wich is set to drop early 2014 under Doble Filo Entertainment.  


TROUBLES: was born on July 20th 1984 in El Monte, California. Living in a broken home caused him to move place to place. However, he always found his way back to El Monte and no matter where he was, he always had his rhymes with him. He knew that his talent was his way out of the troubled life he led. TROUBLES refused to let his past destroy his future. He continues to write and record through the pain, frustrations and temptations of the streets .he is also part of the group (Criminal MInded) which dropped various mixtapes and has been featured on many compilations he currently just finished recording his debut album self titled (Criminal Minded)  which is set to drop early 2014..stay posted for this banging album.




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